Alongside the central institution of the IaF, the individual Faculties and courses of study have a variety of research-oriented structures.

Civil Engineering Construction Lab (CECL)

The CECL is an independent and neutral institution that seeks to co-operate with those active in the field of construction engineering. Its overall aim is to foster new developments and to analyse new or only partially calculable constructions with the help of experimental procedures in conditions approximating closely to reality. This is relevant especially for already existing old buildings or constructions. The analyses can be carried out on all common building forms, especially on solid constructions (ferroconcrete, prestressed concrete, masonry, composite constructions), be they made of steel, wood, synthetic materials or composite materials.

Digitalization Lab

With its digitalization lab, the Faculty of Information Sciences possesses a facility that is excellently equipped to assist both teaching and research. The technology available here makes it possible to experience in practical terms areas such as electronic inventorization, object digitalization and working with original prototype material including storage, digital storage and digital long-term archivization. Digitalization processes can thus be tested hands-on with reference to specific problems in co-operation with project partners.

Interaction Design Lab (IDL)

The Interaction Design Lab sets out to be the port of call for interaction design experts from industry and science both on the national and on the international level. As a multi-disciplinary interface between training, research and development, it facilitates the transfer of technology, design and knowledge. The IDL brings together research interests and competencies in the field of interactive systems and applications from the design area. It sees itself as a partner for industry and research helping to drive forward the initialization of innovative, trail-blazing projects.

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Urban Complexity Lab (UCLab)

The Urban Complexity Lab is a research group at the interface between information visualization and urban transformation. Interface designers and visualization researchers develop responsible methods of treating complex data sets, especially in fields such as Big Data and Smart Cities. Within the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, the UCLab represents a co-operative enterprise between the Faculty of Design and the Institute for Urban Futures.

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