Research Profile

The challenges our society faces today lie above all in the ongoing demographic, ecological, infrastructural, technological and economic transformation processes, which can be tackled only by interdisciplinary research. In reaction to this situation Potsdam University of Applied Sciences has, over the past few years, continually raised its research profile, and has now established three focal areas of research: Urban Futures, Social and Regional Transformation and Information and Visualization. In each of these foci, research disciplines from the social, cultural, IT, medial, engineering and artistic sciences are involved. “Urban Futures” and “Information and Visualization” (or Interaction Design and Information Visualization) have been recognized as research foci by the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs (HRK) and have accordingly been entered on the HRK’s Research Map.

To back up these focal areas of research, the interdisciplinary Institute for Urban Futures (IaF) was founded in 2014: it is to be a central institution in the Potsdam University of Applied Sciences with the remit of taking up inter- and transdisciplinary issues in the field of urban futures and pursuing them in corresponding research projects. The IaF has been assigned three dedicated research professorships with the following respective research fields: resource-optimized and climate-compatible building methods, sustainable urban development strategies and information and visualization. Despite its national and international network involvement, the IaF sees itself as a catalyst for applied research in joint co-operation with regional actors. It plays a leading and seminal role in establishing new research laboratories and co-operative research initiatives with companies and institutions.

The Potsdam University of Applied Sciences stands for the dovetailing of research and teaching. The FLEX formats and the new research-oriented Master’s courses of study in Urban Futures and Early Childhood Studies (in joint co-operation with the University of Potsdam) further extend our University-wide culture of research, learning and knowledge, through which we support and foster student initiatives.